Spring 2015 Healthcare Equality Lobby Day

Everybody deserves health care, no matter their wealth, health, gender, orientation or documentation status! Join us next spring in Sacramento to demand public policies that promote equality in healthcare access, cost and outcomes. Check this site for updates.

In collaboration with AllCare Alliance Partners and the Health for All Coalition, the California Health Professional Student Alliance is coordinating a lobby day and march to the State Capitol, calling for universal health care for all Californians.

An estimated 4 million Californians will remain without access to health care, even after full implementation of the Affordable Care Act.

It is best for our public health to make sure that every resident of our state has reliable and timely access to health care. Yet there remain significant barriers to care, even among the insured population.

The requirement that patients first sign up for a complex healthcare financing process – obtaining private health insurance – is a significant barrier to care. Even after applying and paying for it, private insurance makes everything too hard as “consumers” must navigate narrow doctor networks and complicated cost-sharing mechanisms (like co-insurance). Plus private health insurance is the most expensive option possible for financing health care.

We can do better! Implementing a publicly funded, Medicare for All-type system covering all California residents, with universal choice of providers and no charges at the point of service, will dramatically improve access to all!